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Ultimate Fighting Championship 3. This is silly. We're enjoined to have faith in part because we have evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. Instead, faith is a kind of knowing that results in action. Biblical Christians don't deny reality, they discover reality. And once they've discovered it, they act on what they've learned.

The opposite of knowledge is ignorance. Neither is a virtue in Christianity. What is faith? A decision to believe something independent of reason Reason and Faith have no relationship. A decision to believe while ignoring the lack of evidence Blind belief. A decision to believe in spite of the evidence to the contrary Belief in opposition to evidence.

A decision to believe because we have a reason to believe Faith is based on reason. That tool is reason, the ability to use our minds to sort through observations and draw accurate conclusions about reality. Rationality is one of the tools God has given us to acquire knowledge.

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Koukl, Tactics pg. Heaven forbid that God should hate in us that by which he made us superior to the animals! Heaven forbid that we should believe in such a way as not to accept or seek reasons, since we could not believe if we did not have rational souls. Church v.

The Search for God in the Age of Science

His personality was abrasive. He lied about the settlement of his first trial. He made the Pope look like a fool. This issue was not the Bible verses science or religion verse science. Anselm of Canterbury — formed his views as a teacher of monks who wished to understand logically what they believed by faith. Faith and Reason has two major purposes. First, it is designed to introduce readers to the more important questions that link philosophy and religion. It explores philosophical questions.

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It is also written for pastors, Christian workers, and educated laypeople who want to know how to defend the Christian faith. The book includes discussion questions.

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